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Entry-Level Resume

(0-5 years work experience): $99

For school-leavers and new graduates, we'll help you get the best possible start to your career with our affordable, entry-level resume service.

Intermediate Resume

(5-10 years work experience): $149

Once you have some years experience under your belt, it's important to make sure your skills and experience are highlighted to stand you in good stead for the next step in your career.

Advanced Resume

(10+ years work experience): $179

For those who have significant experience, we'll develop a resume that showcases your knowledge and capabilities, whether you're looking to move up the ladder or even to make a complete career change.

Cover Letter:


We can develop cover letters that are both specific to a particular job you're going for or adaptable for many jobs.

Selection Criteria :

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We utilise the STAR format as required by all government positions. We'll help you to draw out concrete examples of when you've met the required criteria and then develop these examples to a professional standard.

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