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Job Search Coaching

1 hour session $99

Once you have a winning resume, if you don't already have a job in mind to apply for, we can help you to learn the best places to look for jobs. We'll provide you with a go-to list of the best places to find the jobs YOU WANT, and training in how to apply.

Job Seeking Service

weekly : $29

If you prefer us to do the job seeking for you, we can arrange that too. We search all the major job seeking websites on your behalf, and once we identify suitable opportunities, we contact you to discuss them. Once you confirm you're interested, we submit the application on your behalf. We even adapt your cover letter to suit. Simple!

Interview Preparation

1 hour session $99

Congratulations - with your standout resume you've scored an interview, now what?
It's time to prepare for the interview! We'll research the position you're applying for (and the company) and using extensive industry experience, identify the likely questions you'll be asked before your interview. We help you to develop concrete answers to these questions, so that, come interview day, you'll knock the employer's socks off and get that position.