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Here at Cairns Resumes, we work with you to develop a resume or job application that stands out from the competition.

Whether you're looking to further your current career or gain a job in a completely new field, we can help you to achieve your dreams. Imagine hearing those words: ‘congratulations, you’ve been successful in your application…’ ...

A professional resume from Cairns Resumes is much more than just a document containing your job history. We work hard to identify and understand how your unique skills and experience are relevant to the job you want, making it much more likely that you’ll progress to the next stage of the application process.

Whether you’re looking for Cairns jobs or jobs further afield, we can assist you to create a professional resume that works.

Here at Cairns Resumes, we have extensive industry experience and contacts, and understand the requirements of employers, both in local Cairns jobs market and in other areas around Queensland and Australia. We know how to package your unique skill set to the required position.

We offer FREE evaluations of your resume. Simply send us a copy, and we'll review it and discuss our recommendations with you.

Cairns Resumes charge an affordable flat-rate service, and continue working with you until you are satisfied with the result.

Cairns Resumes specialises in assisting candidates seeking positions within the mining industry. Whether you are a seasoned mining professional, or looking to break into the industry, we’ve got the knowledge and skills to help you secure your dream job.

Job Seeking Service

Job Seeking Service